Walking in God’s Healing Presence

Walking in Gods Healing

I was asked to write a devotional entry for our church.  In January we will be doing 21 days of prayer and fasting.  I am super excited about this and honored to have the opportunity to write an entry.  I thought I would share it here.


WHAT MOUNTAINS ARE YOU FACING? Do you need a physical healing, an emotional break through, or a renewal of your mind? What mountain might you face in the future? In Mark 9, Jesus instructs us to not only fast for our current circumstances, but

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Power and Purpose

Power and Purpose


In our monthly meetings with our youth leadership team we have been going through our core values and making sure we are all on the same page.  In our meeting this month we went over the core value,

“We unashamedly believe in the power, gifts, and fruits of the Holy Spirit”

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10 Questions while driving students home

Qs driving

Almost every Wednesday night I have the great honor to give students a ride home from youth.  This is a time that I treasure.  It is a time when all the distractions are taken away and you are with a small group often of only 1 or 2 students in your car.  When they step into your car you have just invited them into your life at a much deeper level than being, “The guy on stage.”  When they get in and have to move the car seat and the clean up the 40 pounds of gold fish cracker crumbs your kids left, they get to see YOU, the real you, the dad/mom.  You also get to see them, when all their friends are gone, and it’s just them, not the person they feel like they have to be to impress others.  These few moments have radically changed the ministries I’ve been a part of over the last 14 years.

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Small Groups Teaching

Small Groups

Small Groups are one of the single most important thing you can do as a youth ministry.  I know that one of the main issues people have is finding and training leaders.  That is why a fews years ago I gathered a couple friends and we decided to join together to make a collection of training videos called, Leadership 360.  These videos can help you train and inspire current and new leaders.

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Driving Students Home

Driving students

This past Wednesday night we had a going away party for the youth pastor here.  At the end of the party I was cleaning up when one of the students asked me for a ride home.  I instantly said yes.  It is one of the things that I love to do in ministry.  It meant so much to me because it has been over three years since the last time I drove a student home.  Here are four reasons why I believe youth pastors and youth leaders should be driving students home every week.

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4 beliefs YOU have that LIMIT God


We all want to see God move in our lives in a more powerful way.  We want to have a “total reliance” on God.  And we would not want to intentionally limit Gods ability to move in our lives.  YET we do it everyday.  The Bible says, “Do not quench the Holy Spirit.”  The word quench means to suppress or to limit.  We do not want to limit God in our lives.  We all want to live a life that allows God to move freely in our lives, manifesting Himself as he sees.  But has our Western worldview limited our understanding of God and what He is able to do?  Has our heritage limited God?  John Wimber in his book, “Power Evangelism”  lists four characteristics that inhabit Western Christians’ ability to practice power evangelism.  These four characteristics not only limit “outsiders” (nonbelievers) but if we are not careful they will limit ours as well.

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The Friendship Trinity



This past week I was with Jeanne Mayo and the Cadre for my ninth year of mentoring through her program call “The Cadre.”  If you are a youth pastor and have not done the cadre, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  During our time there Jeanne gave us this teaching that I thought I would share with you.  She was inspired by a blog article by T.D.Jakes called, “The Friendship Trinity.”

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Open Booking Dates

Ryan Latham Booking
I have some open dates for the end of this semester.  I would love the opportunity to come out and share with your youth ministry, school, christian club.  For more information click here.
“Ryan Latham spoke to our student ministry on a typical Wednesday night but the response from the students was anything but typical. Ryan was energetic, prepared, and relatable. He even left time for the most important part—the response of the students’ to God’s tug on their hearts. I can’t wait to invite Ryan and his team back again!”
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4 Ways to Increase Your Influence

Increase influence

Everyone has a level of influence.  Even the most introverted person will influence thousands of peoples lives.  We influence people intentionally and unintentionally everyday.  Simple things like how we drive have an influence on peoples days.  If we decide to smile at the Starbucks girls as she takes our order.  How well we perform at work has an influence on others.  We all influence people, so how to we increase our influence?

Four Ways To Increase Your Influence, TODAY.

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Creating Healthy Habits


VSLeadership Podcast

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