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Anchored to Gods vision

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“Igniting God’s vision starts with being more acutely aware of God’s presence in your life .” – Steven Furtick


Shortly after our second son was born my wife Sarah begin to talk about having more children. Before we got married we had talked about having two kids. So I said, “Two, like we had planned.” Then she shared about her encounter at a M.O.P.S (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) meeting where the speaker talked about seeking God for your life. During her message she said that people often ask God for direction in all areas of their life, but often don’t ask God about how many kids He wants them to have. This lead Sarah to begin to pray and ask God how many kids He would like for us to have.


Without telling anyone that she was praying, her mom had a dream. In the dream she could she Sarah at a playground with four kids, three of them she could see their faces, but the fourth she cold not see the face.


This dream was the answer that she was looking for. It took some convincing but I agreed to grow our family from two kids to four. Sarah felt like she was only going to have three pregnancies. This lead us to believe that we were going to have twines on our third pregnancy. When we didn’t have twines we knew that adoption was in our near future.


This dream was the exact answer that we needed. It guided us in the direction of our family. When our understanding of the dream didn’t happen, the dream became clearer and guided us through a time of, what could have been, let down or confusion.




Take an area of your life that you would like clarity, write it out in your journal and begin to pray about it everyday this week.


As you pray, read about those whose lives were changed by God speaking to them.

Day 1: Samson, Judges 13:3-8

Day 2: Samuel, 1 Samuel 3:1-15

Day 3: Mary, Luke 1: 26-38

Day 4: Joseph, Genesis 37:5-40

Day 5: Cornelius and Peter, Acts 10




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