10 Questions For Your Youth Staff

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Pastors love to take people out to lunch.  As I write this blog I am preparing to take a student out to lunch and talk about life.  It is a big part of the job.  Lunch is a great time to meet with students, volunteers and leaders to build relationships and invest in their lives.  These can also be great …

7 Ways To Find And Keep Your Motivation

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  It is hard to not be motivated and inspirited to go out and accomplish something great after watching a video like this one.  Chris McDonnell has a very clear and powerful motivator for why he does ironman.  Loosing his daughter drives him everyday to honor her and to share her story.  Loosing a daughter or family member may not …

9 Ways to Have an Effective Calendar

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THIS IS A GUEST POST BY ONE OF OUR VICTORY SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP STUDENTS, ASHLEE ROEDELL.  Recently a few of my close friends (shout out VSL) have been asking me to give some advice about how to be better at time management. I simply said that the key to better time management is to have a good calendar or a …

The Book Cover

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  Here is the book cover!!!  I am excited that we are only days away from the official launch of the book.  Here is a look inside the book: Here is a look at the chapters from the book: Chapter. 1 Bullseye (Ryan) Chapter 2  13 Quotes To Inspire You To Work Through Your Own Goals (Paul) Chapter 3  Help! No One Shows Up …

My 2014 Goals

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I hope that you have spent some time planning and preparing for your best year ever.  To help me prepare for my goals this year I read a few books on Habits and I purchased Michael Hyatt’s, “Best Year Ever” goal setting material.  These have been helpful in giving me some new thoughts on how to set goals/habits and how …

10 Goal Setting Quotes

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1) We must be comfortable living a life outside our comfort zone. 2) “If you are committed to moving confidently into the future, you must first do business with the past.”  Michael Hyatt

What does the spleen do?

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My kids have been watching, “What does the Fox say” non-stop for the last couple days. They love it. Then I came access this gem! I showed it to my wife and she loved it as well. So I thought that I would bless your life with this as well. I am happy that the guys at Harvard took the …