Applying the “Marathon Lessons” [P.2]

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  A few weeks ago I spoke at a youth ministry in Muskogee, OK.  After the message a girl came up to me for prayer.  When I asked her how I could pray for her, I got an unexpected answer.  She told me a long story about being bullied at school, dropping out of school, fighting depression, a long list …

5 Lessons Learned Through Longevity

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This is a guest post by my friend Rodney Wardwell. Rodney is a youth pastor and the author of the book, Green . “Based upon the real-life experiences of over a decade of youth ministry, Green is a book that everyone in youth ministry should read.”  I would highly recommend that you pick up your copy today.  Read below to learn …

Applying the “Marathon Lessons” [p.1]

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    Are you addicted to the new like me?  There is so much excitement about starting a new adventure, buying new clothes, or finding a new place to eat.  These are the things that we talk about, tweet about and that often get the most attention, passion, and time.  If we are addicted to the new, how then will …

Eight Marathon Lessons [Part. 2]

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“Ryan Latham, you are an Ironman.”  These are words that I have dreamed about hearing.  I can remember watching the Ironman World Championship on TV with my dad as a kid and thinking to myself, I would love to do that when I grow up. During a family vacation to Hawaii in March of 2010, only three months after starting …

Eight Marathon Lessons [Part. 1]

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  “I hate running,” is something said for many years.  When asked if I liked to run, I answered by saying that I only liked to play sports that involved a ball, like football, basketball, racquetball, or soccer.  My wife loved to run, so I was asked often and I was pretty constant with my answer. In December of 2009 …

Seven Ways To Turn Volunteers Into Leaders

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HELP!  I need more volunteers!  Have you ever felt like volunteers are unreliable, hard to find, needy, and the turn over rate ishigh?  These arevery common feelings for ministry leaders. Right now I am on an airplane flying back home from speaking at a powerful youth ministry in Pennsylvania.  I had the great honor of spending two days with the …

the 4-Hour workweek

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Here is a book review of the book by Tim Ferriss called “the 4-hour workweek.” In this interview I highlight a few of the areas that this book can add value to you and our ministry. Listen to my review:

Target: Bullseye [Part. 2]

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Three ways to hit God’s bullseye for your life. A few months back my church did a series focused on celebrating men.  We decorated all of our lobbies with “man stuff.”  There were fishing poles, boxing gloves, Ping-Pong tables, and even a mechanical bull.  One Sunday my son Hunter and I were playing with some of the different games in …

Target: Unseen [part.1]

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   Six ways to find the target for your life. The other day one of our girls came to me to talk because she was feeling frustrated and down.  When I asked her what was going on, she was not able to answer clearly.  She had a few things that she was thinking through but nothing that really could be …