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This episode of the Victory School of Leadership podcast was recorded in Reading, PA. I talk about, “How to build teams” with the leadership team of Real Life student ministries. You will hear from the Student ministries director, Eran Holt, junior high pastor, Scott Nagle, worship director, AJ Fick. and media director, Mark Gatiss.



1) We only hire people who are focused on building teams.

“We have to know when to back off and let someone else take it and run with it.”  Eran

Q: Do we want teams to whom we can delegate authority and they are able to do the job well or a bunch of people who can only do what we tell them to do?

2) Teams allow you to have specialists.

We need to allow people to do things differently than we would, with our approval.

“Volunteers desire ownership.”  Mark

Q: Are you willing to allow your volunteers to do things differently than you would?  To what degree are you willing?

3)  Hold your trainings when it works best for your volunteers.

“We had 100 percent attendance of all our small group leaders.”  Scott

We often focus so much time making the experience for the students that we forget to make the leader meeting just as important.

If you want to know how good you are doing, schedule a time to not show up and see how your leaders do without you.

Q:  How much time, money, and energy are you putting into your volunteers?

4)  Use online resources to help volunteers prepare at home.

We use multi-tracks so when someone doesn’t show up or is unable to play the difficult part the pressure on the worship team is taken off.  AJ

As a worship leader it is important to work with the pastors to connect the worship songs with the sermon series.

Q: What systems do you have to help prepare your worship team members?  Do you have back up plans?


Practical Advice:

1. A team approach should be fun.

“I love everyone I get to do ministry with.”  Scott

2.  To keep volunteers, connect them to their passions.

“People will excel at what they are passionate about.”  Mark

“We need to help them find their sweet spot, that area where they walk away and say YES I want to go back and do that again.”  Eran

3.  Have a strategy where leaders have the opportunity to fall in love with students.

“We have a very high retention rate of our volunteers because over time they end up falling in love with their students.”  Eran

4. You have to have a mental shift in yourself. 

“We need to have a mental shift from ‘I have to do everything myself’ to ‘Who is going to help and who am I going to do this through?’…That is the mental shift that will take youth ministries from 30 kids to 50 kids  to 100.” Scott

5.  Share your visions and dreams.

“You don’t have to sacrifice your vision, you just have to share it with the rest of your team… He (God) didn’t give it to you for you to do it alone.”  Mark

“If you are not giving away ministry on a regular basis, your ministry is going to fail if something happens to you and you leave.”  Scott


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Question: Can you say that you love everyone you work with?  What can you do to help your leaders be more successful?


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