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This powerful e-course includes 12 training videos that will take you deeper into the application of the 12 Planning Principles found in the book “Prepared For Impact.”

Each video will highlight key sections of the chapter.  Bring new insights from the authors as well as take you deeper into the application of the principles

Impact Planning Principles

1) Know the target, share the target.

2) Examine slowly, act quickly.

3) Plan early, promote effectively.

4) A healthy heart produces healthy plans.

5) Write it, review it, improve it.

6) Failure is overrated.

7) Evaluate your experiences.

8) Opportunities not problems.

9) Load up the bus.

10) Ask the hard questions.

11) Healthy teams start with you.

12) Prayers give your plans life.


Your purchase includes:

  • One copy of the book
  • All 12 of the videos
  • Fill in the blank notes
  • One copy of the E-book

THIS PRODUCT WILL BE COMING OUT IN DECEMBER OF 2016.  Purchasing now we will send you your copy of the book as well as the e-book.  You will also be given early access to the videos and print material.