Prepared For Impact


The Youth Leaders guide to affective planning and preparing.

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The Youth Leader’s Guide to Effective Planning
by Ryan Latham & Paul Turner

“Michael Jordan is famous for saying, ‘Success comes from repetition of the drills.’ And whether it’s basketball or youth ministry, that principle still rings true. Ryan Latham has done a brilliant job in Prepared for Impact as he walks youth leaders through some of the strategic basics of moving a ministry DREAM toward a ministry REALITY. He gives seasoned wisdom on everything from effective planning of vision night, retreats, and much more. I commend this book wholeheartedly for youth leaders who want to move from GOOD to GREAT!”

Jeanne Mayo

America’s #1 Youth Pastor, Leadership Coach, Author, and Public Speaker

Atlanta, Georgia

“There is more to an iceberg than what you can see. All we see is the tip, about 10 percent of the whole. The same is true for ministry: what people see is only a fraction of what ministry is. Ryan and Paul have helped clarify how to effectively plan and prepare for what people see with practical tools to help today’s youth minister put handles on the 90 percent of the work no on sees. I would recommend this book to every youth minister regardless of how long they’ve been in student ministries.”

Craig Osborne

Associate Pastor, Leader of Leaders, and Former Youth Pastor

Ontario, Canada

“This book will give you the practical tools and inspiration to be more effective in student ministry. The principles in this book will become a blueprint for you and your team as you continue to reach students in your community.”

Joseph Kellogg

Youth Pastor, Leadership Coach

Red Oak, Texas

“Wow! I wish earlier on in student ministry I could have had some resources like Prepared for Impact. Not only does it provide worthwhile and practical information for shaping your ministry, but it also walks you through steps to get you started in pursuing all that God has called you and your student ministry too. It answered so many of the basic questions I had. Not only does it challenge you to dream big, but it gives such practical advice that can serve as a roadmap to help you getting moving in the right direction.”

Ashton Peters

Youth Pastor, Discipleship Director

Sallisaw, Oklahoma