Summer Camp Teaching

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The Summer is here!!!

I love the summer time because it brings about so many new opportunities.  One of those that I look forward to the most is spending time at summer camps.  The past few weeks I have had the honor to teach at the Assemblies of God camp.  What a highlight!  Here is a short video from the first few weeks of the “dating and relationship” class.

I used an illustration of starting fire with a fire starting log.  It is easy because it is a chemically produced “relationship.”  But if we want to keep the fire going we need to make the choice to work on it and add more to the fire to keep it burning.

We looked at 1 Thessalonians 4.  We are to live pure and to be sanctified, which means to be set apart.  In relationships we need to have proper boundaries and for it to be in its proper place.  “The same fire that was great in the fire place because harmful when it is burning down your house.  It is not the fire that is good or bad, it is the position of the fire that makes it good or bad.”


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